Wish her all the best in the future

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  欧陆平台编辑报道,We know Huang Yi, from her play on the wrong bridal sedan chair to marry the lang because a few years ago to make a noisy divorce case? In fact, Huang Yi's childhood was very unfortunate. Her parents divorced when she was very young, so it can be said that huang Yi did not really feel the father's love and mother's love since she was a child. Therefore, she was stubborn and always did things that bad children did. Huang Yi has been married twice, and what makes a big noise is her marriage with Huang Yiqing. Huang yi and Huang Yiqing flash marriage was born female, huang yi at that time should be already immersed in love the sea, she gave up her career, but just a year she divorced, huang yi and her daughter to custody to tear open, Huang Yiqing wanted nothing more than to huang yi has been, accused her of marital infidelity, also send her privacy, huang yi career also fell.

   Huang yi had just celebrated his birthday 44, tweeting, huang yi is still like a young girl in the photo, just like age with cold, in addition to the more mature temperament, huang yi on the appearance level seems to take a wrong sedan to marry the lang when no sample, it is really envy letting a person, now huang yi's husband has been jailed for drug use, huang yi also said it a few years old, long live happy, yes, by this age huang yi, in particular, she has experienced many ordinary people never experienced hardship, believe that later huang yi will polish eyes, will have a colorful life!

 Huang yi

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