Bian Boxian has a strong sense of variety

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  欧陆平台编辑报道,Small make up me from 12 years up to now, with a full 20 people came to see him, will see more different things, he was not very active in private, and totally different on the stage, he knows what he wants, what he did is action including speech is his thought, know what fans need, variety, feeling really very strong genius love bean is not white. In addition to this aspect, his personal plan is also following his plan. Maybe I guess he will think twice about announcing his relationship and other private things. He has a unique charm that you can't take away, a lot of people follow him for a while and then come back, at least he's almost perfect in our eyes. We've seen the analysis of where he's going before, and he's very thoughtful about any decisions he makes, and he's planning a lot like a goose.

   Watching a lot of love beans singing stage, the mirror feel good love beans really have instant sniper you let you suddenly heartbeat ability. In my opinion, the so-called "mirror sense" is the management of facial expressions in accordance with dance movements and songs. Even if a person is not handsome in terms of appearance alone, you will find him extremely handsome after watching him perform on stage (of course, the high level of appearance is a plus). In addition, Boxian was originally studying music, the lead singer in the team, but the dancing ability is very strong, before a Korean comprehensive said that the new song dance Boxian learned the fastest, soon remember and movements are very rational strength, the body is very flexible. A separate stage for each member of the concert. Usually line, the lead singer, sings and line, the lead dancer, dances alone, but Baehyon's solo stage has solo dances, including tempo songs. Once baehyon and Sehoon danced before the song.

 Bian Boxian

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